Scooby the griffon cross poodle

Scooby spent over two years in Tregrom dog refuge, patiently waiting for someone to offer him a home.

He was very overweight and his hair was matted and quite patchy, and he was stiff in his joints, and he got overlooked everytime someone came along , but cute little puppies and pretty  faces always got chosen first.

This little dog has a heart of gold, he is gentle & kind, without a bad bone in his body

I had seen him myself at Tregrom, with all the other forgotten dogs, and felt a sadness for them all, hoping that one day they could all find the loving home they deserve

Then one day he came along wih his new owner to my salon, to have his matted hair shaved off, and to have a good bath and tidy up, and I recognised him instantly

Six months later and now scooby has lost 5 kilos in weight, his hair is fluffy and soft, and he is happy, his eyes sparkle and he is very much loved by his new owners

He is waiting for his pet passport to be completed, and he is going off to share the rest of his life happy & content with people who finally love him

Happy ever after.........



I will always be happy to accept any donated goods of used dog baskets, collars, leads, treats, dog food, wormers, flea sprays, toys, blankets, bedding etc.....etc....

I make regular visits to Tregrom dog refuge, and will be happy to take any donated goods with me at the same time, to make the lives of these dogs more comfortable during their stay at Tregrom dog refuge